Training Programs

Adult - Sports Performance - Personal - Team - Yoga - bootcamp

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Adult Functional                  Training Program

       Our adult programs undergo a three phase program designed to give you the best workout experience.  Our adult program is designed to challenge effort, coordination and stamina throughout a 60 minute movement based session.  Each session is challenging, fast paced and educational, which is unique compared to a traditional gym based workout.  We focus in improving flexibility, full body strength and enhancing you cardiovascular capacity. Our program is designed to help you move, feel and be healthier than you have been.


Sports Performance Training

Ages 10-13yrs

This program focuses on progressing and maintaining athletic movement while learning and refining fundamental skills of linear and directional speed, strength and power.  During their 60 min session, each athlete will undergo a three phase session of Preparation, Movement and Strength/ Power phase.  We introduce formal strength and power training which will allow athletes to produce more force and improve joint integrity which helps with injury prevention. Of course, we focus on teaching proper technique in each session. 


Ages 14-18yrs

Most athletes at this age group have developed fundamental skills of speed, agility, coordination and power.   In this group athletes undergo same fundamental skills of ages 11-13yrs, but at a higher difficulty level.  Technique is fine tuned to ensure athletes reach a solid athletic foundation and focus on strength and power with moderate and heavier loads to optimize power output and injury prevention to keep them healthier in the field.


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Youth Training

ages 7-9

This is a critical and important period for a child's life development.  Their body is ready for new information and ready to learn new movement patterns (coordination, balance).

The youth program is a 50 min session designed to introduce and create solid foundations of movements and athleticism in a fun and positive atmosphere. 

       We place high priority on running technique, coordination, balance and relative strength.  A vital part in establishing a child's athletic foundation for improved performance, injury prevention and long term enjoyment of fitness and sports.


P.I Yoga

P.I. Yoga is a combination of movement for the everyday person or the athlete that wants to take care of
the body. It helps with stability, strength, relaxation, and overall health. P.I. Yoga combines Vinayasa with restorative moves to maintain the body and prevent it from injuries. The body does so much for the individual and is asked to perform at top shape each day whether it is at work, home, and during workouts. P.I. Yoga helps the body reset to keep
performing for many years.

Our bootcamp program is designed to build strength, improve aerobic capacity through intense group intervals. Plus, with a dedicated instructor always present and group of friends all workout together, it’s easy to stay motivated. Our groups are smaller in size than traditional box gyms. We ensure our members are supervised always to ensure each member regardless of skill level gets a good and challenging workout session.