Adult Functional Training

Ricardo Madrid

About 4 months ago, I was involved in an car accident that damaged my upper, mid and lower back. Getting rear-ended, at a descent speed and your back absorbing all the impact is no joke. Thanks to Ruben, and Intentional Fitness Sports Performance and following specific instructions from my doctor, I have recovered 100%. I feel stronger, confident and move pain free. That allows to do activities I enjoy like play soccer, run, ride my bike, and lift weights.

Danira Contreras

In the before picture I was very unhealthy, and with a lot of health issues. I was to the point where even walking made me feel very dizzy, nauseous, and I was starting to have heart problems. I was in an out of the hospital, and needed to take a lot of medication at such a young age, The before picture is myself at my heaviest 170 lbs.I had no energy I was tired of being and feeling sick, I needed to make a change. I tried and tried to eat healthy and exercise, but I had no motivation and I couldn't stick to a healthy lifestyle. I decided to switch my life around. My life changed thanks to Intentional Fitness Sports Performance.   I feel different I have so much energy, I am happy with who I am and who I have becomed. Now I don't need any of my medications and I feel great. Now I can do all those simple activities that at one point made me sick. Thank you Ruben for helping me work on my goals and for pushing me to do things I was afraid of. #iamintentional

Sports Performance Training


Roman Valenzuela

Freshman year struggled very much both at the plate offensively and defensively, my foot work just made me very awkward. I started going to Intentional Fitness Sports Perdormancefor a few months and I saw amazing results not only during summer ball but especially during my sophomore season. I had a batting average of.485 and led my team in triples offensively. DefensivelyI definitely improved as my arm got much stronger and I was able to get 8 outfield assists to help my team succeed.


My name is Vivian and I play travel softball for Firecrackers Renteria. Since I started training at Intentional Fitness Sports Performance my bat speed has increased and I am running bases faster than ever. When playing catcher, the core and strength workouts have helped me push my body to make strong base throw downs. I have more energy that helps me practice without being tired or winded. With every workout I am achieving my goal of becoming a strong student athlete and Intentional Fitness Sports Performance is helping me accomplish this. Thank you IFSP!